Movies news 2013: “Divergent”

“Divergent”: Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer to star in the futuristic “Twilight” followers
The “Twilight” production company Summit works with “divergent” in a new series that will follow in the footsteps of the successful vampire franchise.

Currently the search is for a main character, a “new Harry Potter”. Currently the filmmakers while keeping an eye on Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer. Only recently were the actors Lucas Till (“X-Men: Decision First”), Luke Bracey (“Suddenly Star”) and Brenton Thwaites (“Sea Patrol”) provide their talents and were from the producers of “divergent” closely scrutinized. The trade magazine Variety reports that the three newcomers Lucas Till further in the race and is now Jeremy Irvine (“companions”) and Alex Pettyfer (“Magic Mike”) can hope to get the role.

“Divergent” is still to come out of Summit, who are primarily responsible for the successful “Twilight” films recalls, but rather the content of “The Tribute of Panem – Deadly Games”. The book series is about a bleak future in which the company has divided into rival groups, which selects its members on various virtues. The young girl Beatrice must choose one of these communities. The complicated thing about it is, the decision is irrevocable and will remain for a lifetime.

Beatrice is torn. Should she stay with her family or must they remain true to themselves and take a different direction?

Academy Awards aims to reward James Bond

On the big screen, James Bond thrilled movie audiences for 50 years. At the Oscar, ceremony on 24 February will be the most famous secret agent will be celebrated in film history. As the show’s producers announced on Friday, is the awards ceremony honouring the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series. The James Bond series is the longest on the existing film series of all time and a “beloved global phenomenon,” explained the producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

The newest James Bond film, “Skyfall”, who came to the cinemas in November, has already been recorded worldwide more than a billion dollars. He is the most successful film of the 007-series.

Movies news 2013: Warner’s “Pontius Pilate” – Superstar Brad Pitt is in talks

Superstar Brad Pitt is in talks to embody one of the most vilified people in the history of Warner’s “Pontius Pilate”. How colleagues from Deadline report, Warner is for her planned since the summer project “Pontius Pilate” draw a very big fish.

Brad Pitt will take on the role of the man who once condemned Jesus to death and to the basis of which today does not enjoy the best reputation. The film should be about “Braveheart” and “Gladiator” created for the script to screenwriter Vera Blasi (“Women on Top”) shows responsibility, as said at As Blasi said in an earlier interview that it was based on “the facts available to the Roman and Jewish history, and the four Gospels of the New Testament.”

Starting with Pilate’s childhood follows the script of his wild time in the military and shows his rise in politics during the reign of Emperor Tiberius, who sends him finally to Jerusalem, thereby sealing his fate to the historic shame. It will certainly be a challenge; one of the greatest stories of all time re-set from a different perspective in the limelight, but with Brad Warner had already a strong driving force in the stable. Next, Pitt is seen in the zombie movie “World War Z”.

“The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler”

After over ten years of abstinence to the canvas, “Hebrew Hammer” are then sent in his second adventure. This time he is the “Jewish Joker”, can kill Adam Goldberg. This refers to Adolf Hitler, is to be done with the help of Jesus Christ of farewell. After Hanukkah was finally rescued from the terrible Damian Claus, the son of Santa Claus, wants actor and comedian Adam Goldberg (“NYC 22″) to send his protagonist to another, not so kosher mission.

The sequel to the wacky comedy “The Hebrew Hammer” by Jonathan Kesselman is financed through crowd funding to send the Jewish Avenger into battle against his nemesis, Adolf Hitler. Is it a bit of help it at that of Jesus Christ?It remains to be seen what actors are cast in the roles of Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler, and again if director Jonathan Kesselman will bring order to the chaos. A start date for “The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler” There is not yet, but it looks as though the wacky comedy still go into production in 2013.

Movies news 2013: “Robopocalypse”and “Lincoln”

“Robopocalypse” by Steven Spielbergwritesnewscript, shooting beginsshifts by a maximumeight months
On 01/10/2013, we were surprised the announcement that Steven Spielberg’s next project “Robopoalypse” is postponed for an indefinite period.

Now Spielberg reports personally to speak in order to reassure his fans. The project is not dead; he was currently working on a new draft of the script and the rotation delaying by six to eight months.All Sci-fi fans who have been looking forward to the film adaptation of the book “Robopocalypse” by Daniel H. Wilson, author, were yesterday (10/01/2013) certainly not pleased with the message that the shooting began by Steven Spielberg has been postponed indefinitely.

As a cause for the delay was mainly indicated financial problems. How colleagues from Collider report, seems the revision to be already in full swing and no less than Steven Spielberg himself tinkering just a form of copy: “I have found a better, more personal access to the book, and all told, go home and seek out another job. I start with the script again from scratch. „Spielberg also pointed out that the starting rotation most likely “only” move around six to eight months.

Whether Spielberg’s request “goes home and seek out another job” and the already confirmed actor Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) and Anne Hathaway (“One Day”) was addressed, is not known. Nevertheless, of course it may be that the freshly Oscar-nominated actress (Best Supporting Actor for “Les Misérables”) and the successful “The Avengers” star Hemsworth no room in her schedule have when it really starts with the rotation.

“Lincoln”: Daniel Day-Lewis refused role

“Lincoln” director Steven Spielberg took some time to Daniel Day-Lewis won for the title role of his historical drama “Lincoln“. Only by cajoling by colleague Leonardo DiCaprio he was convinced to take the role. Daniel Day-Lewis is not one of the workaholics acting and always chooses his roles with great care.